How Canadians can Save Money on Flights this Summer

KAYAK recently launched its 2016 Summer Travel Hacker Guide and sponsored this post with my review. KAYAK created the guide by sifting through its billion annual searches and pulling useful and usable data to help the average traveller plan and manage their summer travel. KAYAK describes it as a hack to the where, when, and how to travel this summer.

The Guide displays top 10 lists based on trends for the most popular year-over-year trending destinations in four categories: Summer Destinations, European Summer Destinations, Winter in Summer Destinations and Summer Friday Destinations. In case you were wondering, the Summer Friday list tells you the best places to go for a summer weekend trip from Friday to Sunday. I think this would be particularly useful just based on frequency of these types of trips during the course of the year.

Each category shows trends including median airfare and best time to book, which I found to be the most helpful and best part of the Guide. Using the KAYAK 2016 Summer Travel Hacker Guide can also help offset the low Canadian dollar so you can still have an enjoyable vacation and not break the bank. There are also tips on what to expect when you get to each destination, including average temperature and rainfall.

Overall, KAYAK’s 2016 Summer Travel Hacker Guide is easy to use and an excellent tool for planning ahead and getting the most bang for your buck.

Visit the 2016 Summer Travel Hacker Guide for full findings across all four lists, and visit KAYAK’s website to plan and manage your next trip.

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