Seattle to Many European Cities – $400 to $600 CAD Roundtrip Including Taxes

Image by: Charles Clegg, Flickr

Fly from Seattle to many destinations in Europe from October 2017 to March 2018 with Norwegian, Lufthansa, United Airlines or Air Canada for only $400 to $600 CAD roudntrip including taxes. Check out the sample date combinations below and post you findings in the comments section or on our Facebook Page.


Here is my search to get you started:

Seattle to London, UK – Oct 27 – Nov 10 ($487 CAD, Non-stop Flight)
Seattle to Lisbon, Portugal Oct 30 – Nov 7 ($533 CAD)
Seattle to Milan, Italy Oct 28 – Nov 5 ($548 CAD)
Seattle to Brussels, Belgium – Oct 30 Nov 7 ($577 CAD)
Seattle to Rome, Italy – Nov 6 – Nov 20 ($544 CAD)
Seattle to Prague, Czech Republic Oct 30 – Nov 7 ($602 CAD)
Seattle to Budapest, Hungary Oct 30 – Nov 13 ($565 CAD)
Seattle to Athens, Greece Oct 30 – Nov 7 ($586 CAD)
Seattle to Belgrade, Serbia Oct 30 – Nov 7 ($572 CAD)
Seattle to Zagreb, Croatia Oct 30 Nov 7 ($562 CAD)
and many more…

You can also explore for yourself on Google Flights. To find the cheap date combination fill out your departure and destination cities, click on the departure date box and observe the cheap dates in green. Copy your date selection to Skyscanner to find the cheapest flight available. See image below.

Price screenshot from Skyscanner:


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